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Mr Dale

Music Lead

Mr Millington

Music Link Governor



Music is taught in blocks and individual sessions each half term where we aim to focus and consolidate children’s singing, composition and performing skills.  It is vital that children develop an enjoyment and appreciation of music and use instruments, their voices and percussion to express this.  During these sessions, children learn about and investigate some of the technical elements of music, such as pitch, tone, tempo and dynamics. 

Our school is committed to giving Wider Opportunities to children in music, and as such children in both Key Stages get a two opportunities during their time with us to learn a different musical instrument, such as Ocarina or Violin in Key Stage One and Guitar or Saxophone in Key Stage 2.  There is a thriving Key Stage 2 choir and a developing Key Stage One singing group.  At Christmas, Easter and Harvest, the whole school participates in celebrations with a focus on singing and music.  Year Six perform an annual musical each year which is always entertaining and professional.


Here is our Music Curriculum:

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Music Out of School Wider Opportunities


Here are a list of out of school music opportunities nearby.  


Trafford youth choir Years 3-8 inclusive


Sale Youth Choirs


Out of school music lessons



Beginner Brass lessons


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