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Miss Lowe

English Lead

Mr Millington

English Link Governor


"Reading has a high profile throughout the school. Leaders place books at the centre
of the school’s curriculum. Leaders ensure that appropriate texts, including non-fiction texts, underpin all aspects of the curriculum. As a result, pupils are surrounded by high-quality books. They develop a thirst for reading."

Ofsted, March 2023

From Year 1 to Year 6 we use a ‘Books as Hooks’ to motivate and enthuse the children enabling them to become confident readers and writers.
During the different units, the children regularly visit different genres, which helps them to further develop their knowledge and understanding of the audience, purpose organisation and language features. ‘Books as Hooks’ develops the children’s imagination therefore improving their ideas and the content of their writing.

The children have regular guided reading sessions that teach them not only how to read but essential comprehension skills to. They complete written tasks in independent sessions and take part in discussions and activities like reciprocal reading. This enables the children to develop a love of reading and share their thoughts, ideas, likes and dislikes with others in their class.

We use ‘Oxford Reading Tree’ as our core reading scheme but this is supplemented with other books in a Book Banding system in order to provide practice and consolidation.  Children are taught phonics using ‘Letters and Sounds’ this provides them with a carefully structured, developmental approach to reading using synthetic phonics.   Literacy skills are linked to and applied in all areas of the curriculum.


We use Reading Gems (implemented January 2019) and work towards awards during Guided Reading sessions whereby all children work through structured questions using the Content Domains. This enables our children to broaden their skills when reading.


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