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Miss Lowe

Art Lead

Mrs Nickkho-Amiry

Art Link Governor


Art skills from the curriculum are taught throughout the year in a series of topics based on artists. Each half term every class studies a different artist or art movement. During this study the class looks closely at work created by the artist and the skills they used. The children try using these skills in a variety of ways through the half term. At the end of each half term the children have the opportunity to apply the skills they have learnt in an  individual piece of work. This is done through art day, a full day spent on planning and creating their final art piece. After this work has been completed, each class chooses their favourite and this is added to the Kingsway art gallery. The pictures below show examples of the art gallery.

Each half term a class is chosen to showcase their work in the school's entrance hall. A selection of the children's work is put into frames and added to the wall, showing the progression in skills used throughout the topic. See picture below for our current Picasso display.

During each academic year the school holds an arts week. This is a week spent solely on art activities. These activities can include performance afternoons where children can showcase their talents and an art showcase where parents can come into school and look at the children's art work. The children also spend the week focusing on specific art skills and creating an art piece. Finally the children take part in a piece of 'big art', where the whole school gets together and the children become the art. 

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