Year 4 2023 - 2024


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Miss Kearney

Class Teacher

Mrs Leigh

Teaching Assistant


Hello everyone! Welcome to our Year 4 page.

Whilst our school website gives a brief outline of our activities in Year 4, we post regular updates on all things Year 4 on our Class Dojo page. If you are not signed up to Class Dojo, or would like to add an additional parent, Please contact Miss Kearney ASAP to avoid missing out on key updates. 


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Times table challenge

In preparation for our Multiplication Check in June, Year 4 have been challenging themselves to write down as many times tables as they can in 5 minutes.


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Digestion experiment

In Year 4 we have learnt all about the digestive system in science. In order to help us remember the important steps we re-created the process of the digestive system by using a range of materials. We had lots of fun!

digestive system experiment (9).pngdigestive system experiment (8).pngdigestive system experiment (7).png

digestive system experiment (6).pngdigestive system experiment (5).pngdigestive system experiment (1).png

Lego Therapy

We have so much fun building lego during Lego Therapy. It allows us to take turns; be patient; listen to others; give instructions and to build something really cool!

lego therapy 2.pnglego therapy.png


We had so much fun learning about Christdingle and making our own!


Stevie Wonder

At the start of the year we learnt about Stevie Wonder; civil rights and how it felt to be blind. We imagined how we would feel if we were blind and we experimented by trying to write; read braile and play on the trim trail! We learnt about Stevie Wonder as he is an ispiration to others (and also because he is Miss Kearney's favourite singer).

stevie wonder lessons (1).pngstevie wonder lessons (3).pngstevie wonder lessons (4).png

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