Canine Therapies


At Kingsway Primary School, we have been privileged to work alongside Stay N Play Canine Therapies to promote positive mental health in school.  By working together to support our pupils, we have seen remarkable progress in enabling our children to manage their emotions and learn how to self-regualte through the Stay N Play Emotional Talking Therapy Programme.

The Emotional Talking Therapy Programme is designed to nurture emotional literacy and provide a safe space for expression. Through tailored sessions, we explore various aspects of emotional well-being, helping the school community to communicate more effectively and enable children to support each other.


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A quote from Stay N Play:

" The real stars have been the pupils and staff of Kingsway Primary School. Their enthusiasm and openness in engaging with our programme have been key to the fantastic outcomes that we have seen. Witnessing the emotional growth of the children in emotional understanding and expression is testament to the power of collaboration and support.

What have our children said about working with our Canine Therapist?

"We love having our doggy friends in school each week and Kira, Mabel and Nayla support us to think about how we feel and make us feel better when we are sad or angry."



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