Steam Engines... How do they work?

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Class: Year 4 Year: 2018-2019

Our current THEME is 'The Victorians'. Throughout this half term so far, we have been learning about different inventions and developments within the Victorian Era. We have also been intrigued as to how the Victorians have changed our lives (can you believe that without the Victorians, we wouldn't have ice-cream or jelly babies?) We know the Great Western railway was finished in 1841, and we wanted to know more about steam engines, and how they worked. 

Miss Ryder used an amazing piece of scientific equiptment so that we could investigate and gain a better understanding. We were all amazed! We saw that the steam which evaporated from the hot water made the wheel spin. The hotter the equiptment got, the faster the wheel span. We also compared this to a cold cup of water, which produced no steam! 

Check out our pictures to see the wheel in action...

Watch this space as we discover more about the Victorian era...

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