The Lost Thing

Date: 22nd Nov 2018 @ 4:53pm

We received a very strange delivery. When Mr Lewis brought it down from the school office, we we were all very confused about what it could be. Some of us thought that maybe Miss Ryder had ordered something for us, but she wasn't expecting a delivery. 
After discussing the mysterious parcel, we decided to investigate more. Darcie kindly unwrapped the parcel for us. The box was labeled with 'Department of Odds and Ends' labels. 

When Tiegan opened the box, we found a collection of bottle tops. Stranger still, they all had a symbol or equation on them.

In the box was also an envelope. When Maisey opened the envelope for us. we found a postcard from a man named Shaun (who was writing from Greater Suburbia). 

About half an hour later, we opened a second parcel. In this package, we found a book named 'The Lost Thing'. When we opened it up, we found that the inside cover was full of pictures of the exact bottle top collection we had received! At the moment, all we know is that we are in possession of a vast bottle top collection belonging to Shaun. Stay tuned as we find out more...

Oliver F wrote:

The lost thing was a good idea of a book thank you for reading it to us

Lucy M wrote:

I enjoyed the book to and I thought the video was good as well

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