Register of Interests

Governor Name Business Interest Other established governed Relationship with staf/governors
Norma Midgley None None None
Susan Morford None None None
Sally Carroll BBC None None
James O'Donoghue DFE None None
Mark Cawdrey None None None
Annette Stembridge Governor at Lostock College Lostock College None
Chloe Tozer  None None None
Joanne Bryden None None None
Kim Murray (Amie Box) None None None
Iain Lewis None None None
Zoe Davies None None None

Governors have responsibility for the effective management of the school, working within the framework set by the Local Authority and National Legislation.They visit the school frequently and each governor has a subject link as well as a link with a class.

Governors take part in learning walks around school and visit classes. They act as a critical friend, they challenge and question. All governors take part in whole school training as well as Local Authority governor training.

Meetings of the full Board of Governors are held once a term. Committee meetings are arranged each half term or as and when required. All members of the Board declare their business interests at the beginning of each academic year and records are kept.

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