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Welcome to the gallery!  Please feel free to browse the children's work.

Woodland Warriors helping the elves in the forest.

Fantastic eggs in our Eggciting Competition.

Nursery children planting trees at the front of the school.

Christmas dinner day was a huge success! 


The children and the staff had lots of fun!



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Our first Woodland Warriors session with Year 6.
Mr Grimshaw is retiring and we have decorated eggs in tribute to him as part of our Easter celebrations.
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Helen the storyteller visits school

Helen the storyteller visits school 1

Kingsway celebrates World Book Day


All the children and the staff dressed as characters from their favourite book. The children took part in a "whole school read" where the older children visited the younger children's classrooms and shared books with them.

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Egg Creations

Do It Together Week

Maths Day

Maths Day 1
Maths Day 2
Maths Day 3
Maths Day 4
We had fun doing maths together. Year 5 made maths games for us to play.

Science Boffins

Science Boffins 1
Science Boffins 2
Science Boffins 3
Science Boffins visited school as part of science day during Do It Together week. It was amazing and we saw some great experiments.

Reading Day

Reading Day 1
Reading Day 2
Reading Day 3
Reading Day 4
We looked at the props to guess the fairy tale.

John Froud visits Kingsway